How it all started

 We’re a small (but professional!) company from Regina, Saskatchewan. It started with us wondering if it was possible to dilute dried mascara in order to save money by making it last longer.  Some suggested water, and some dared to suggest saliva! 

 Saliva ?  There must be a better way to save money and stay hygienic, since good mascara is expensive and you don't get that $30 worth when half of the tube is dried out before you even finish it.  We did further research* and found that mascara is the most contaminated of all eye makeup. Microbial culture exceeds the safety limit after the third month of usage, and any mascara that wasn’t contaminated was found to have twice as much concentration of preservatives. The solution? A new mascara every month! This is how you treat your contacts, so why not mascara? And the rest is history.

 * Pack, L. D., Wickham, M. G., Enloe, R. A., & Hill, D. N. (2008). Microbial contamination associated with mascara use. Optometry-Journal of the American Optometric Association, 79(10), 587-593.  

About the founder

Atidthan was born in a small city northeast of Thailand. She moved to Regina, SK Canada at age of 14 to pursue a better education.  In 2015 Atidthan earned a degree in economics from the University of Regina. 

Atidthan likes to quote the Office in the middle of the conversation without knowing where it's going and hoping to find it along the way. 

She also likes to yell at a TV when watching Jeopardy.

Contact us

337 - 4246 Albert Street 

Regina, SK

S4S 3R9


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