Monthly Affordable Natural Mascara 

Let's face it, old mascara is easily contaminated by infectious microbes. You can manage the risk in a conventional way by using makeup with a high concentration of preservatives, or do it our way by using a new natural mascara every month. It's affordable, natural, and paraben-free! 

Why monthly mascara?

Mascara is the most contaminated of all eye makeup. After three months of usage,  Microbial culture in most mascara has been proven to exceed the safety limit, and any mascara that wasn’t contaminated was found to have twice the concentration of preservatives.  30DAYS' mission is to lower the risk of ocular infection caused by old makeup. Instead of using more preservatives to keep the bacteria at bay, we will send you a new mascara every month, eliminating the need for parabens or concentrated preservatives in our formula. Our ingredients are naturally-sourced, and most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen. It is natural and easy to wash!

Easy to order

Select a frequency from the GET STARTED page, sign up, and place your order

Free shipping

Free shipping on all orders

Natural Ingredients

Naturally sourced ingredients and no parabens

Improve your ocular health

Reduce risk of infection from  Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa 

How It Works

1. Select a frequency

Choices of one month, six months or one year

2. We ship a new mascara to you

We ship at the end of month, so you can start a brand new mascara at the beginning of the upcoming month.  

3. Dispose of your old mascara

Old mascara is a breeding ground for infectious bacteria, and shouldn't be used longer than 3 months. 

What's in the mascara?

Most of our ingredients can be found in your pantry!